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Fancy desginer Wholesale Blouse Collection

Specification :

Name: Fancy desginer Wholesale Blouse Collection
Brand: FC
Total Design: 1 Pcs
Per Piece Rate: INR 675
Full Catalog Rate: INR 675 + (5 % GST) + Shipping Charge
Weight: 2 Kg
MOQ: Minimum 1 Pcs
Size: free size
Type: Blouse
Fabric: Gerogette
Other Details:

Name: Fancy designer Wholesale Blouse Collection
Heavy Rich  9mm seq Designer Blouse
Pure Georgette Blouse with Heavy 9mm Embroidery work
Size: 38+ Margin up to 40
Padded: Yes
Side Open Pattern with Chain
Height: 14 Inch
Fabric: Pure Georgette
Work: 9 mm embroidery seq
Rate: 67/-
Estimated Delivery : ( 6-8 working days )

 you save INR 324
INR 675 48% off In Stock
Check Availability on delivery at Estimated Delivery : ( 5-6 working days )

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