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Lehenga Choli

Wholesale Lehenga Market in Surat


One of the most authentic attire of India is the Lehenga Choli. This attire has been a part of the Indian tradition and continues to enjoy popularity even today. The dress comprises of a skirt, a blouse, and a dupatta to drape over one shoulder. The lehenga choli Wholesale is one of the most loved attires which represents the ethnic Indian fashion. This attire is versatile, as it easily becomes one’s own with the freedom to wear it as you wish to. The best part is that the lehenga choli is worn by the village belle and the urban woman with the same panache. This attire is colorful, vibrant, and versatile. The lehenga wholesale online has grown to be a fashion staple and is often seen on the ramps. The range of lehenga choli at the Sanvari Fashion is a vast collection of some of the attire to choose from.

The best part about the lehenga choli is the fact that it makes the best of the festive wear. This attire has become a much sought-after style which makes anyone look great at an event. The Lehenga Choli is a wonderful compilation of the best elements of a female dress. With a flowy and girly feel to it, the dress is much sought-after for a majority of bridal choices. If it is a glamorous look you are after then lehenga choli is by far the best ever choice as it makes fashion come alive.


The three-piece Lehenga Cholis have been an adorable outfit for Indian women who are looking for ethnic wear for parties, weddings, and for bridal wear. There are never-ending lists of design and contrast, embroidery, embellishment when it comes to Lehenga Choli. According to body types, some materials and design cuts would look better on some women than others. A huge and exhaustive collection of wholesale lehenga online is found at Sanvari Fashion and any retailer, dealer, or distributor will find something for all of their customers.

  • Sequin Embellished Lehenga: Embellished lehenga cholis have heavy works of sequins and jewels throughout the blouse, and the lehenga with a matching dupatta is perfect for morning weddings. It is a relatively modern and glamorous trend to follow that best suits the square body type.
  • Zardozi Lehenga: The Zardozi is a type of hand embroidery that evolved in the Mughal era. Normally our Zardozi lehengas are the most sought-after ones for a night wedding with pomp and grandeur. The embroidery work is prominently fashionable and works very well on materials like satin, velvet, or any other heavy materials and adds a certain sense of royalty.
  • Mirror Lehenga: You will see mirror work quite often in our multicolored satin or silk lehengas. Mirror work is one that has shiny mirror pieces sewn together in a pattern. Mirror work looks beautiful mostly on Georgette and other light materials. It perfectly matches the vibes of festivals like Holi and vacations, and wedding festivities like Mehendi.
  • Ombre Lehenga: If you want to give a western fashion vibe to the classic designer lehenga wholesale, ombre lehengas are the ones to choose from. You will find an unmatched collection of ombre lehengas at Sanvari fashion. Ombre lehengas have a high color contrast of cool and warm colors and less oriental works. If you are not a fan of heavy and stuffy lehengas this is bright, flowy and breezy, and perfect for you.
  • Gota Patti: Our unique Gota work originating from Rajasthan uses the appliqué technique. The Gota Patti work in our bridal line of lehengas will surprise you. The Gota Patti on materials like satin, organza, georgette, and mixed silk makes it brighter and compelling. You will mostly see intricate hand-sewn Gota Patti work on the borders of dupattas and lehengas. The Gota Patti exudes elegance, complementing heavy embroidery works on the blouse and the lehenga.
  • Threadwork Lehenga Choli: Our Chikankari. Zardozi, Phulkari, Dabka, Cut Dana, and appliqué works are some exclusive arts of thread. The light Chikankari lehenga looks fabulous and gorgeous with simplicity and is perfect for morning events. Zardozi work on heavy silk, velvet, and satin lehengas are stitched with gold and silver threads matched with beads and sequins elaborately with Gota Patti's work.

In our lehenga manufacturers, we have different body-specific lehengas with different cuts and styles crafted by our designers.

1.     A-Line Lehenga: A-line lehenga cholis are shaped in a way that resembles the letter A. The stellar A-line brings more skirt circumference and less gher compared to traditional lehengas. A-line lehengas are an amalgamation of modern and traditional styles that accentuate the curves and lines of the wearer. They help rectangular body types to accentuate their elusive curves, and look stunning on curvy women. We have a stellar collection of A-line lehengas to wear at sangeets, Haldi ceremony, and parties where fun and jazz is the main element.

2.     Jacket Lehenga: Adding layers to traditional wear is one of the trending fashion styles. A jacket is worn with the crop top of lehenga. Jacket lehengas are best worn without dupattas and have a chic look. They are made for those with a heavy upper body and are perfect for someone with a heavy build. In general, layering looks great on tall and heavy women. Jacket lehengas are stylish and trendy for wearing at festivals and wedding events.

3.     Saree-Style Lehenga: These are lehengas with traditional saree elements and the dupattas of saree-style lehengas are their most fashionable part. A saree-style lehenga is easier to wear than a saree and just requires tucking and draping. There are illusive pleats in the gown and the skirt circumference and the gher is bigger than traditional ones. They are great alternatives to sarees and are perfect for night wedding events.

4.     Fishtail Lehenga: Mermaid and fishtail lehengas have a tight fit in the thigh and flare in the lower portion of the skirt. The classic flare of the fish cut is perfect for slim girls or those who want to accentuate their lines and curves. It is stylish, classic, and fashionable to wear at parties and events.

5.     Sahara Cut: One of the most demanding trends nowadays in wholesale lehenga in Surat is the Sahara cuts. Sahara cut lehenga sets are a pair of an elegant palazzo with a loose hem. You will find a stellar Sahara cut collection from simple lehengas to designer ones in our collection. They can be worn to festivals, weddings, parties, and ceremonies with statement jewelry.

6.     Straight Cut Lehenga: Straight cut lehengas literally have a straight-line cut without much flare and gher. They have versatile materials, thread works, and patterns. Straight-cut lehengas look beautiful on most body types and are the best choice for lean and petite women. Straight cut lehengas have a neat finishing and a statement in their design.

7.     Paneled Lehengas: Panelled lehengas have more flare added to the volume of the skirt by adding horizontal panels of fabrics. The addition of fabrics in different materials increases the contrast and flare. The panel is generally added in bridal and designer lehengas where volume is the main attraction factor. Paneled lehengas look best on tall and lean body types.

Sanvari Fashion is the one-stop destination for a stellar collection of wholesale lehenga online. Our customers, dealers, and distributors have established successful businesses with our services. Our top-class designers and workers have created a plethora of variety in ethnic wear as you will see in our bridal lehenga wholesale surat.


Lehenga choli is one of the most desirable female attires preferred by Indian women. In fact, not just within India, but also across the globe, this dress has caught the fancies of many people. At Sanvari Fashion, you can now select from the vast collection available at the wholesale lehenga catalogue. The Indian lehenga choli can be worn on multiple occasions. In fact, the dress is a perfect option for weddings, functions, pre-wedding functions, events and much more. This attire can be worn for a number of occasions and events. Be it a traditional pooja at home, a pre-wedding function, or the main bridal wear, the lehenga choli is as great as it gets.

At the Sanvari Fashion, you can simply go to the ‘bridal wear’ and check out the huge collection which includes some of the best lehenga choli designs. Bridal wear is one of the best categories at the Sanvari Fashion. You can simply click on the category and pick out some of the most elaborate wedding wear options. This category is also one of the most visited as weddings in India are a huge deal.

 Designer Lehenga wholesale Available at Sanvari Fashion

  1.  Raw Silk: We have silks from different parts of India like Assam, Benaras, Chanderi, Bengal, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu have a variety of ensembles of different types of silk in the palette. We have lehengas in different silk blends with neat and lighter work on the body. In the category of silk lehengas, you will find the most elegance with a variety of embroideries and thread work.
  2. Banarasi Silk: We have the richest collection of designer and bridal Banarasi silk lehengas. Banarasi silk is one of the most graceful and shimmery materials with beautiful thread work. For any bride, Banarasi silk is the classy heavily embroidered material to choose that is a fusion of glamour and comfort with its soft texture. Banarasi silk is perfect for bridal lehengas, for events such as Mehendi, sangeet, and weddings.
  3. Kanjivaram Silk: If you want a stock of Kanjivaram lehengas from our Wholesale lehenga catalog you will find neat, uncut lehengas handwoven with silk, gold, and silver with neat threadwork. Kanjivaram lehengas often come in wide designer borders. Kanjivaram silk is the epitome of graceful glamour without overwhelming layering or embellishment. Kanjivaram is the finest material and is perfect for morning and evening weddings as bridal wear, occasions, and events.
  4. Satin: Satin is a versatile material and is used as a canvas for any kind of design. You can have satin lehenga cholis on floral saga designs, bridal designer range, and satin lehenga cholis for partywear. The glossy satin goes really well with minimal work and making it preferable for morning events, occasions, and festivals. On the other hand, it can also be a heavily embroidered and embellished gown material for a gorgeous night and bridal look.
  5. Georgette: Designer lightweight sheer georgette lehengas have a completely different vibe of their own. They make women shine with ease at parties and events. Georgette is even contrasted with satin and silk to create a stunning design. Georgette with embroideries, beads, and embellishments looks gorgeous and the lehenga is light on the body. This is a very lightweight and easy-to-carry material.
  6. Jacquard: With a unique drape, Jacquard is an extremely skilled work of the hand. Jacquard is woven directly into the materials by our expert workers into the wrap of our mechanical loom. The intricate work of Jacquard is explicit and its natural shimmery patterns with thread work create unique designs for all occasions and events. From multicolor lehenga cholis with wavering patterns to festive and shimmery look for weddings, parties, this goes with all occasions.
  7.   Zari: The Zari work is used extensively in our collection of lehenga wholesale market of velvet and silk lehengas. The Zari work adds to the glamour and shimmer of the embellishment of sequins, stones, beads, and heavy shiny embroideries. North Indian wedding lehengas in our collection have a beautiful ensemble of zari work throughout. Zari adds to the enchanting charm even with a minimal touch.

Indian women have different body types, and hence everyone’s guide to buying the lehenga choli that fits them will be different. In general, you would want to choose something that is not stuffy, and fits your body type whether you are pear-shaped, square-shaped, apple-shaped, or curvy. In general, short women will want something that has a neat finishing and neat embroidery. Curvy women should go with something that is not layered whereas square-shaped women can play with the contrast of the blouse, lehenga, and dupatta to create illusions of curves. Sanvari Fashion is your one-stop-shop for all kinds of lehenga wholesale depending on your choice of materials, threadwork, and cuts.

Bulk purchasing At Sanvari Fashion

The wholesale lehenga in Surat or any other part of India is easily available at Sanvari Fashion. Be it the intricate work that has gone into the making or the detailed craftsmanship with which each piece is made, the website has a lot to offer. The lehenga choli designs at Sanvari Fashion are plenty and of various types; each as exclusive and unique as one wishes it to be. This makes it all the more easier for the manufacturers and the resellers to easily pick on a bulk order as the ‘number of pieces available’ is also stated against every catalog design. Here you can get the best in wholesale lehenga online and at the best prices imaginable.

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The Indian woman of today might have taken to a more western attire of dressing, but, it is the true ethnic wear in the form of lehenga choli that manages to capture the imagination every time she wishes to feel good at a festival or an occasion. The Lehenga choli is versatile and ever-dynamic; as the fusion fashion has made its way into the hearts of the wearer all around.

Each lehenga is at an exclusive piece and is one of the best. The designs are perfect with a nice view of the patterns and the work all over it. If you are specific about a certain type, check out the wholesale lehenga catalogue collection which brings together some of the best designs under the same roof. Each design has been tailored to make sure that the wearer emerges to be in vision. With the latest celebrity fashion trend, it has also inspired the regular Indian woman to step out of her comfort zone. To cater to your cinematic choices, we at Sanvari Fashion also have available Bollywood inspired fashion in lehenga choli options. This is one of the most sought after choices as every girl wishes to look like her screen diva.

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