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Dress materials are the most flexible choices when it comes to wearing your very own creations. At Sanvari Fashion, you have a wide choice from the dress material wholesale available. As the salwar suits, lehenga choli, and even the sarees are favorite choices amongst the Indian women; however, buying the material of your choice and getting them stitched has a charm of its own.



The tailor and the Indian women have a long relationship, sometimes, spanning for generations. This is a wonderful ‘friendship’ of sorts where you let your family tailor know about your preferences and get a dress ‘tailor-made’ for you. Also, going for fabric shopping is a great family outing of sorts where women get together at their favorite fabric shop to buy dress material. The thrill of selecting from the vast range of possibilities is excitement on its own. Some of the best-known wholesale dress materials and various other parts of the country are Cotton, Velvet, Chiffon, Georgette, Silk amongst the most preferred choices.


â—?       The reason for the popularity of the dress material is the fact that you can customize your own outfit according to your own choice and taste. This makes it all the more interesting for the women to go about shopping for the fabrics of their own choices. The other great reason is the fact that you can recreate an outfit you have spotted on the television or your favorite star wearing and make it your own.

â—?       You can recreate a celebrity outfit at a much less cost and maybe acquire a dress much prettier than the original one. The dress material wholesale is a raw material for some of the best creations in your own personal taste. You could infuse into your own tailored dress patterns, styles, and designs as you wish to and have a ‘new’ creation altogether.

â—?       The other reason why a dress material is the best thing which you can do is the choice of premium fabric. You might like a dress of your choice but not the material it is made from. This way you can buy a dress material of your choice and make it into the outfit of your choice. This makes it easier for you to make an outfit and be comfortable in it as well, as now you need not worry about sweat patches or other irritants.

â—?       The other benefit of creating an outfit of your choice from the dress material is the fit it offers you. This is done by the tailor taking the precise body measurements and tailoring a dress that looks great on you. You can also customize your outfit by offering your own feedback like the neck pattern, the sleeves length, and the dress lengths as well. This offers an overall attractive look of the person wearing it as a properly fitted dress makes anyone look good and graceful. The non catalogue dress materials wholesale available at Sanvari Fashion is exclusive and unique.




There are many different types of clothing materials that are mixed and matched in the art of making clothes. For wholesale orders or when you are buying ethnic wears like saree, lehenga, salwar suits, Kurtis you would encounter some materials in the market that are dominantly used than others. While buying or starting a clothing retailing business having immense knowledge of good clothing material is going to be important. Dress materials for lehengas, Kurtis, sarees can vary widely according to the design, price range, and the type of ladies’ wear. Natural fibers like silk, cotton, cellulose fiber and synthetic fibers are manufactured by Snavari Fashion in the wholesale dress material market in Surat. Below are the handloom cotton dress materials wholesale Sanvari Fashion sells wholesale and uses to manufacture its clothing lines.

 Wholesale market For Dress Materials in Surat-Pune-Mumbai-Hyderabad

1. Unstitched Cotton Dress Material: Cotton is the most celebrated natural fabric used by people. Cotton is mostly of four types and the types of stitches for cotton can be versatile. Khadi cotton is one of the famous materials for Kurtis and saree. Cotton is widely recognized because of its soft, breezy feel and the comfort of wearing in hot and humid weather. Cotton is extensively used in sarees, Kurti, suits, and most other kinds of dresses.


2. Unstitched Silk Materials For Saree, Lehenga, Suits: Silk is the glistening soft material with a rich feel that's been used for decades for manufacturing high-end clothing. Sanvari Fashion has a wide collection of Indian traditional silks like Banarasi silk, Kanjivaram silk, Chanderi, Assam silks, tussar silk from Bengal, Manipuri silk, and more. Nowadays silks are mixed with different types of fabrics and other varieties of silk to create a stellar collection at a lower cost. Silk is often used in bridal dresses and heavily embellished sarees and lehengas for weddings and events.


3. Georgette For Dress Material For One of the lightest and in high-demand wholesale dealers for dress materials for designer clothes is georgette. The sole reason for the use of georgette in high-end designer clothes is its lightweight and sheer crepe surface and smooth drape. Georgette combined with sequin work and different types of cuts is the perfect material for lehengas, sarees, and Kurtis that are for parties. Georgette clothes have a charming vibe when paired with chick accessories.


Very strong and crease-free natural fiber linen is a widely used material because of its comfort factor and perfect material in Summer. Linen has a regular use in making sarees and Kurtis. Linen is loved by customers because of its longevity and strength, wrinkling features, and great absorbance. Linen is more prone to wrinkles than materials like silk and georgette but that’s why gives crisp neat and nice pleats in sarees. In our Shree Ganesh dress materials manufacturers, you can see the magnitude of different patterns, prints on linen dress material.


What makes Sanvari Fashion so unique?

â—?       Best platform for exclusion designs: The Sanvari Fashion is a great platform for some of the most exclusive of collections. This online shopping website has the exclusive collection from the wholesale dress material market in Surat at your disposal. Now, you need not worry about going from shop to shop for your fashion needs, as the website has a wide range available. Overall, this site is your new best friend, who knows your needs, understands your budget and suggests you the best in choices.

â—?       Simple and categorizing features availability: The website itself is a well-sorted one, where the customer can browse across and get hold of their choices in no time. You can now shop according to the category; ‘Salwar Kameez’, ‘Designer Sarees’, ‘Sarees’, ‘Dress materials’, ‘Western Wear’ to name a few. This makes it all the easier for the customer to simply click on the category they wish to check out and take a look at the vast collection offered.

â—?       Offerers various deals and discounts: The sign-up and registration at the website is also a breeze. You need not go about the long process of filling out the details, as you become a member in a few simple clicks. The best part about the Sanvari Collections is the fact that it values each member and treats them in a special manner. This is done by regularly offering you alerts about the ongoing sale and discounts. This way the customer can make a purchase on a first-come basis and get a profitable deal on the website.

â—?       The demand is worldwide: Here, you have a great choice from the ladies' dress materials manufacturers in India as this makes for the best-known choices around. This particular dress material is the most wanted one from across the country and beyond. The intricate work of embroidery and mirror work makes this good wear and look at. Sanvari Fashion has grown in the domestic market to be a popular brand and has also taken the overseas market by storm. Today, Sanvari Fashion delivers to the US, UK , and Europe, making it one of the most preferred choices.

â—?       The perfect balance between customer support and delivery partners: The reason for such a success is, perhaps, the ethics it applies. The delivery partners at Sanvari Fashion are trustworthy and believe in timely deliveries all over. One of the most in-demand in the wholesale dress material in Mumbai & Hydrabad as these are high on trends and fashion. The catalog collections at the Sanvari Fashion are well displayed and presented, thus, allowing the visitor to take a better look at each of them. The customer care at the Sanavari fashions is also one of the best, where the round the clock service is easily reachable. This makes it easy for the customer to clear out their issues in record time and also be offered the right kind of advice.

â—?       Policies are easy to understand and apply: The various policies and the terms and conditions at the Sanavari fashions have been put in place in order to serve the customer better. Be it the Return policy or the Cancellation policy, at Sanvari Fashion, you can get the best of services. Perfect Rate at ladies dress materials wholesale bazaar

Non-Catalog Dress Materials manufacturers & Dealers in surat

Sanvari Fashion is all about making sure that the customer gets exactly what they have been looking for. This is one online shopping website that has been created keeping in mind all the comforts, requirements, and needs of the customers. This website is a platform for many like the non catalog dress materials manufacturers in surat and wholesale dealers as well.

At Sanvari Fashion, one can make the best of the variety and the trends available. On this website, you have the dress material wholesale price available, which makes it a profitable choice as well. Some of the best manufacturers and resellers find the Sanvari Collections as a great platform to showcase their goods and purchase in bulk. The website is a perfect place to get high-quality fabrics at a reasonable price, thus making it a much-visited one. The Sanvari Fashion is a perfect place to choose from some of the trendiest and most fashionable dress materials, ready-made and also designer wears available.

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