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Wholesale Kurtis in Surat

Kurti has come a long way. This is somewhat a fusion of dressing of sorts and has become a staple in the closets across the globe. This essential piece of clothing has been around for quite some time and has only grown in popularity. Being comfortable, practical and a perfect fit for all bottom types, the Kurti is a fashion must-have. To help you pick the perfect Kurti type,wholesale kurtis online is available at Sanvari fashion.

Speaking of Kurti; it is a modification of the original Kurta, which is a long Tunic dress top worn over loose bottoms called pajamas. The Kurti is an above knee-length version of Kurta which makes for the perfect blend of the ethnic with western. As it looks more like a top with an ‘Indian twist’ to it, the Kurti makes for a perfect attire for the young girl who needs it for more than one occasion.

The Kurti can be worn for various occasions, festivals, and events. As the attire is so comfortable, it is a much-favored dress for young girls and the older generation who likes a bit of fashion. The Kurti, if worn simply, is a fine cotton top perfect for the warm summer months. With Chikan-work all over, it has a serene and sophisticated look about it. Available in almost all colors, the Kurti is what makes for the perfect go-to dress when you need to look great in a hurry. As the dress is so versatile, it can be worn over multiple types of bottom wear. Be it Patiyala, Flared palazzos, loose salwar, jeans, or trousers, the Kurti top is the perfect companion.


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When we think of ethnic or Indian wear, we usually think of a salwar kameez dupatta. But, not anymore. With the introduction of the Kurti, the younger generation has sat up and taken notice of the ‘western version of this ethnic wear’. As it is quite trendy in its appearance, the young girls find themselves more able to relate to its practicality. This short-version of the traditional Kurta can be worn over the jeans and the Patiala bottoms as well. This makes it such a ‘grab’, as you can go to college in it and also to the family puja ceremony as well.

In fact, there are also times when the trendy-wear was worn by foreigners as go-to wear. With the rapid globalization and the blending of cultures, as a result, it is not a surprise that there has been such a popular exchange of fashion from across the borders. As more and more people are embracing the Indian fashion, pieces of style like the Kurti have grown to be more of an international trend.

Explore Collections Of Kurtis At Sanvari Fashion

Welcome to Sanvari fashion. This is the one-stop destination for retailers and customers to explore our ensemble of different designs, trends, and types of wholesale Kurtis 

1. Anarkali Kurti

Long flared ethnic anarkalis are made with the best quality silk, chiffon, cotton, net, velvet available in the market. Our designers have taken inspiration from traditional Pakistani embroideries and designs and matched them with modern fashion with a custom Kurtis neck design catalog. You can wear the gorgeous flowy dresses as one piece of ethnic garment or pair it with palazzos, stitched churidars, leggings, or jeans whatever you feel like. Anarkalis inspired by different fashions is available in our stock to suit different occasions and daily uses.

2. Denim Kurti

For the demand of pairing trends with tradition, we have created a range of denim Kurtis that are fit for regular use. We have the Kurtis available in many shades of blue, black, grey, green, and more. From straight stitched cotton denim, embroidered to rugged, A-line denim, or denim Kurtis with different contrasts we have everything in our stock to make your collection richer.

3. Tail Cut-Kurti

One of the most popular designs in the market is asymmetric tail-cut Kurtis made of best quality cotton, chiffon, and rayon. Asymmetric cut exudes a casual look with traditional sheen. From floral prints to heavily worked bottom print or casual daily tail-cut Kurtis with tussle, bids, prints our products will serve in every need in all the seasons.

4. Double Layered Kurtis

Kurtis with double layers have such elegant and irregular designs. Made of cotton, net, chiffon, silk, the placement of the layers, a-line or asymmetric cuts tying it to one side or simply letting it flow whatever the products’ designs are, it definitely adds more statement in style. To increase having variety for the customers is important and double layer Kurtis in our collections have captivating and unique designs that people will love.

5. Jacket Kurtis

Jacket Kurtis brings indo-western fashion with a jacket attached to the traditional Kurtis. It brings out contrast and statement. Cotton jackets pairing with denim pants are the way to go for a comfortable spring and summer wear. Long cape-styled slimming and free-flowing jacket Kurtis are definitely occasional wear, short jacket Kurti is casual and cute. Our designers also have long patterned jacket Kurtis, ethnic embroidered jacket Kurtis to add fusion in your regular style.

6. Formal Kurtis

In a women’s wardrobe who loves Kurtis, formal Kurtis should be abundant. Formal wears for your job should be comfortable yet stylish and edgy and we have got the perfect collection of formal Kurtis made of cotton, rayon. You can find diverse designs of striped or patterned formal Kurtis for office or meeting in our latest Kurtis catalog.

7. Short Kurtis

Short Kurtis are the most common fitting Kurtis that can be worn for a casual look or for a more embellished look. In our wholesale short Kurtis section, you will find plain, patterned, printed, layered, asymmetric, and jacketed short Kurtis. The wholesale price is affordable and helps you create a budget-friendly casual, formal, or party look in short Kurtis.

8. Long Kurtis

Designer long Kurtis at an optimum price is available in the wholesale section. Wear your long Kurtis with fitted pants or palazzos or if you want a one-piece ethnic Kurtis we have got you covered. Yoke design straight long Kurtis, sleeveless or with sleeves of different lengths with necklines of diverse shapes and asymmetric Kurtis and long jacketed ethnic Pakistani suits, you can find them all.

9. Embroidered Kurtis

Traditional Pakistani and famous Indian embroideries give royal sheen if done on silk. Folk and Doris embroideries on cotton give a carefree summer look. “Sanvari fashion'' has been one of the established catalog Kurtis manufacturers for traditional designer embroidered Kurtis. Our ensemble of Kurtis with embroidered jackets, fabulous work on neckline, and handmade designs by our designers would attract more customers for your business.

10. Plain Kurtis

60% of your customers will look for something cheap breathable Kurtis for all-around use. We have got the perfect combos of plain Kurtis with variations made of cotton, rayon, silk. Simple stripes, borders, A-line, slit, or jacketed multicolor plain Kurtis for casual or formal wear you can find all kinds of cheap Kurtis for wholesale business.

11. Angrakha Kurti

Angrakha designs with bids or beautiful borders or embroidered angrakha designs give an elegant folk and old-time look. Angrakha designs have been on-trend for a couple of years now. Long chikankari angrakha Kurtis, casual designs with tassels at the end, zamindari angrakha designs should be a part of your retail stock as they are a crowd's favorite.

12. Slit Kurti

We have got a stunning ensemble of slit Kurtis for increasing the demand for fusion fashion in your store. Slit Kurtis with side or middle slit is inspired by slit western gowns. Slit Kurtis with denim pants and bright make-up with minimum accessories are perfect for outings, parties with friends. We got printed and patterned cotton Kurtis, chiffon plain slit Kurtis with varying body length and slits.

13. Rayon Kurti

Fashionable rayon Kurtis is all-time in demand because of the comfort factor. You will get wholesale rayon Kurtis at Sanvari Fashion with different designs and materials. Rayon Kurtis long and short, printed, embroidered, patterned Kurtis are available at extremely low prices for retailers.


Kurtis at Sanvari Fashion - Evergreen collection of trending Kurtis

If you have a function at home or an event, you have a ‘friend’ in Sanvari Fashion. The website has its categories so well sorted that you simply need to go over to the category and make your pick. This saves you a lot of time, energy and hassles. Once you have found a piece you are looking out for, go ahead and check out the other details about the purchase. The delivery time, status and price are all well displayed at the page. The wholesale dealers can also place bulk orders for a certain piece by simply purchasing by the category.


Wholesale Kurti Material At Sanvari Fashion

We have our team of designers who have handpicked the materials from the best material suppliers in the market. We try to provide the best chiffon, silk, cotton, mixed materials cheap Kurtis for wholesale business.

  • Cotton: Breathable soft cotton materials are mostly used for our short designer and plain Kurtis. We have beautiful embroidered and printed, jacketed cotton Kurtis pricing from mid to low range.
  • Silk Blend: Beside pure silk elegant Kurtis, we have silk-blend Kurtis with warp and weft. These materials are mostly used for long Kurtis, Anarkali, and Slit designer Kurtis. You can get a chick and graceful designs for silk blend.
  • Georgette: We have the finest and high-quality georgette collections. Georgette is the most used materials in the palazzo and sharara Kurtis, long and double-layered, and tail-cut Kurtis. Georgette is the perfect material for wedding dresses and for festivals.
  • Chiffon: Lightweight plain-woven chiffons are used by designers to create a vibe of the casual and breezy look. Well-balanced chiffon jackets and Kurtis gives a refined look.
  • Organza: Cheaper than chiffon but silky transparent organza material used by us are not stiff and used in cheaper short and casual Kurtis.
  • Wool: We have got a few different ranges of winter wear collection. Woolen Kurtis can be light or heavy. We use softer wools for stylish asymmetric Kurtis and heavily designed Kurtis made from wools are more stylish replacements of a regular sweater.
  • Denim: Denim Kurtis has their own swag and style. Our denim materials are long-lasting, double-stitched. Different denim shades, designs, embroideries, and stitches are used on the Kurtis.

What makes Sanvari Fashion so unique?

Being one of the leading wholesale catalog collections in India, Sanvari Fashion has also spread its reach to the International market. Now the dealers and manufacturers from various nationals like the US, UK, Europe, and the Middle East have also found this platform to be reliable. The website, to start with is a simple one. It has been designed in a manner, where it is a simple task to navigate about. Be it to simply browse about, to check out the latest trends, or to bulk buy a certain piece.

1. The quality and collection

You can always do so in a few simple clicks. Your needs can be various, be it wholesale Rayon Kurtis, cotton Kurti, the Silk attire, or the more heavy Brocade choice, you can find it at Sanvari fashion in a swift click. The website and the brand are reliable. This is the main reason why it is so popular across the world. As for the quality of the wholesale ladies Kurtis, you need not worry. Each product is made from the best of fabrics to ensure that the customer keeps returning back for more.

2. Great user experience of Website

The login and sign up at Sanvari Fashion are simple and quick. As Sanvari Fashion values its customers, you are offered instant welcome discounts and offers. There are also various perks for regular customers as you keep getting alerts regarding the upcoming sales and discounts. For loyal customers, Sanvari fashion has the highest regard. There are coupons and sneak-peeks into some of the most favorable sale prices before the rest of the crowd gets access. This makes easy buys and a grab on all the latest offerings before the trend fades away.

3. The online support

The customer-friendly policies at the Sanvari Fashion make the website all the more reliable and likable. The best feature of the website is, however, the Long-standing relationship with reliable delivery partners. It is due to the trustworthy association with reputed delivery services which has made Sanvari Fashion a household name in most of the towns and cities. Be it the wholesale Kurtis market in Delhi or any other part of India, Sanvari Fashion has its reach everywhere. The other aspect of the website that makes it such a popular choice, are the Payment methods available on the website. This is essentially a great asset as the customers can pay according to their needs and necessity, as and when required

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